World Cup Euphoria at the Bar

London, 20 June 2006

First night in London. Since I’ll be staying for almost 2 weeks here, so I just go to the Bar and watch the World Cup match and having a steak for my dinner. You can see people from many countries united in the Bar to watch the biggest soccer event Live from Germany.

Besides watching soccer, finally I met some other finalist of International Young Creative Entrepreneur of the Year from India (Jesse) and Argentina (Matias). Jesse is the one who spotted us. He memorize our face that published on the British Council website. So three of us love to watch soccer and like to drink ;-p

One thing that I noticed different with Indonesia, even if we open a bill and leave our credit card with the server but we still have to go to the bar every time we want to order again. Maybe because of the high cost of labour, so the Bar don’t have many staff to give service. It’s not so nice to walk to the bar every time we need to order.

But in the same it gives me an ideas to have this kind of bar with limited highly paid staff who is smart and good looking but all orders should go to the bar. No server to get your order 🙂 Why not?

(this article was made during my trip to UK for the International Young Creative Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 competition held by British Council)

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