Playstation ads

London, 21 June 2006

Reading UK music magazine, NME and other lifestyle magazine here you can see many Playstation ads there.

Then I realized that because the sales was good. PS could use some percentage of sales to do marketing including advertisement in the magazine, radio, etc.

Then I remember, back in Indonesia now Microsoft start doing some marketing as well. Advertising and events was good because they are now received revenue from selling original software.

So maybe we should educate people in Indonesia that “Say No to Piracy” will bring positive impact for them.

Just like a decade ago when phone booth always broken. People try to take the coins because they don’t need to call. Now, we hardly see broken phone booth because most of Indonesian, even low SEC also need to make a call.

So I think all the ads in the magazine and radio from our artist saying “Buy the original. Say no To Piracy” won’t impact if we didn’t educate them in different ways.

(this article was made during my trip to UK for the International Young Creative Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 competition held by British Council)

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